Monday, October 1, 2012

How Not to Get Pulled Over by The Police


The most important issue one needs to address is the overall condition of your vehicle. This is because police will usually try to find a reason to pull you over.

Since technically police can't stop you because they want to, they will usually look for an equipment violation on your vehicle. This is the easiest way to justify the stop if they have to in court later.

So by all means don't drive around with:
-burnt out bulbs
-cracked windshield
-body damage of any type
-expired tags
-no tags
-expired reg or inspection stickers
-missing stickers

If you have any of these things going on with your car you might as well hang a sign on your car telling the police... "I DARE YOU TO PULL ME OVER!!!!"


The second issue is somewhat obvious but applies in the majority of DWI stops,... don't commit a traffic violation while driving...

in other words don't speed, run traffic lights, drive too slow, fail to signal, blast your radio, cross a double yellow...

if you generally speed around and commit several violations every time you drive this is going to be a tough one for you.

But, try to stay focused on the task at hand: safely operating your car and observing all of the traffic laws...


- Driving with your window down in cold weather - police love this one, and rightfully so, who else but someone who is tired from drinking is going to drive around with the window rolled all the way down in 20 degree weather? If you are tired, for any reason while driving, blast the A/C instead next time.

- Out of state tags - this one is a no brainer. Police have been pulling over out of state plates for years. It has something to do with police generally being suspicious of people from outside the community. I know its way cheaper to register and insure your car using Uncle Maury's address in Boca, but is it really worth all the extra attention you will get from the Police?

- Too many passengers - if your car is packed with multiple passengers this is an open invite for the police to stop you... ex. a carload of people at 4 am is generally coming from a bar or a nightclub.

In conclusion, like so many other things in life, common sense and good judgement prevail here. Also remember that any consumption of mind altering substances will prevent you from exercising good judgement when you need it most.

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