Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Basics of the Bail System

The court knows the importance of preparing for a case. The state respects your right to earn a living. Instead of holding you inside a jail, it would allow you to post a bail as a form of security on their part. All they want is a guarantee that you will face all the charges against you. The legal system has remedies that can help you. The following are important information about bail:


The amount you need to provide depends on the crime that was charged against you. Every county have a bail schedule that categorizes the proper amount for a particular crime. A judge can authorize a lesser or higher amount with just cause. The general rule is: the amount depends on the severity of crime that is charged against you. The amount you need to secure is directly related to the severity of charges against you. The amount that is required for a DUI offense is different from arson cases. In some states, a crime for perjury is attached with a bail amount of $25,000. A charge on manslaughter would require a bond of $100,000.

Authorities involved

Police officers can offer you a citation release. A cite-out is reserved for minor crimes that wouldn't require you jail time. They can immediately release you with a document indicating your transgressions from the law. It is often used in traffic violations. As part of the legal system, a judge can appropriate the proper amount that is required to keep you out of jail. He has the power to grant or deny your request for bond. They are strictly limited to what the law provides. They cannot arbitrarily lower or increase the amount without legal basis. No one aside from the judge can assign the value of the bail bonds.


The state protects the right of the people. If someone claims that you have violated his or her right, then the state has the purpose to maintain justice. An arrest is made to ensure that the person will comply with all the legal requirements needed to decide the case. Aside from detaining a person, the court offers the right to bail to secure the compliance of an accused. The bail bonds prevent the person from running away from the charges.


There are several ways on how you can free yourself from jail time. In property bail, you can offer your real estate properties as a guarantee to comply with court hearings. The value of your property should equally match the amount that is required from you. There are no provisions that inhibit you from presenting properties that are valued higher than the bail amount. Cash payment is the easiest way to comply with the amount that the court has imposed on you. Bail bonds or surety bonds is a third party guarantor that is widely accepted in most counties. Bail bondsmen can arrange your release with a fee of about 10%. Bail agents often work close with inmates and arrange payment plans that suit their needs. The bail bonds are fast answers to an urgent need.

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