Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easy Tips To Look For Birth Records With Social Security Numbers

Social security numbers happen to be that particularly unique identification number given by the federal government. This number happens to be a string of numbers that would help authorities identify a person and the same string of Social security numbers can also be used by the general public to look for vital records of various people.

If you are on the endeavor of constructing your family tree or if you are conducting a particular genealogical study, then in all cases, SSN can definitely come in very handy to know more about the person in question as many respects of information such as ages, criminal records, background information and even marriage records related with that person would be presented in the report of a SSN search.

There could be times when you are just stuck with the SSN of people without a clue as to whom these numbers belong to. In cases like this all you would have to do is go to the official website of the Social Security Administration and key in the social numbers that you have. This particular search would pull out the basic information like the name of the person and most importantly the state where the person was born.

You could also conduct an easier search with the SSN if you know the first three digits of the same. In all cases, the first three digits represent the state in which the person was born. If the digits are 078 then you can be rest assured that the person was born in New York. If the first three digits are 221, then that particular number would belong to Delaware.

Currently, there are many websites that would assist you in identifying the state in which the person was born. Once you have figured out the state to which the social security card belongs, you could then conduct an easier search on websites that belong to the government bodies of that state.

In the above mentioned case, if you are looking for birth records for people whose Social security numbers start with a 078, then all that you would have to do is visit the website of the New York Department of Health and conduct a search on the numbers that you have.

In just few minutes, this search would pull out information corresponding to the SSN that you have in place. Here, you would be able to view various records including birth records that are attached to those numbers. Thus you can rest assured to conduct a Birth Records search with only the social security number in just a very short time.

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