Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Convert Your Criminal Law Firm to a Paperless Practice

Let's say that you have a successful criminal practice. You're a solo practitioner, you make a good living, and you have lots of clients. All the makings of something great. So why would you ever change what you're doing. One word simplicity.

In today's day and age of computers, iPads, Tablets, and other electronic gadgets. One of the best ways to utilize these tools, simplify your practice, and help the environment we all live in is to go paperless. Hey I can be eco-friendly and maintain a criminal practice at the same time.

What do I mean by going paperless. Well if you have a successful criminal practice then you probably have lot's of client files. Typically in such a practice these client files contain your notes on the case, the police report, witness statements, and other discovery received from the Prosecutor. Many criminal cases do not have the volume of discovery that occurs in a civil practice. That is why all discovery will usually fit in a folder of some kind.

By keeping a client folder containing all of this stuff, you're just keeping a bunch of clutter around. I don't know about other attorneys, but I used to have an entire storage unit where I placed old client files after their case was completed. Additionally every time I would walk into court, I would carry a client file filled with paperwork, notes, and discovery.

Then came an epiphany. What if I didn't have to carry all this stuff. Since I already carry a laptop, or an iPad, what if I put everything I needed there. Then instead of carrying paper, and producing waste for the environment everything is stored electronically. By doing this you can essentially carry every client file in your notebook or iPad.

Imagine being able to locate a certain word or term in a 100 page police report quickly and efficiently. Imagine carrying everything you need to know about a case in your pocket. By taking advantage of all of these innovative new tools at our disposal you essentially would be simplifying your practice. And isn't that what all attorney want. A more simple life and practice.

Additionally say goodbye to the storage unit of old client files. Everything would be stored electronically thus saving physical space, and some cash in your pocket that would normally be going to storage costs. Thanks to many apps, scanning discovery and creating these electronic files is easier than ever. I'm willing to bet that any attorneys that try this new approach will not be disappointed.

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