Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alcohol Analyzer - FAQS

With the increasing use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in pubs and clubs, the need of an alcohol breathalyzer has become a basic necessity of a common man. It is observed that a lot of people especially teenagers use to drive after drinking which eventually results in risky and hazardous incidents.

Alcohol analyzer is the device which helps in minimizing the risk of any bad incidents by alarming you whether to drive by yourself or not. It indicates the quantity of Blood Alcohol Content in the human body and for getting the precise readings of your BAC you need to get a good quality alcohol breathalyzer. It might be a difficult task for you. Therefore, I am going to discuss some key points which will ensure that you are getting a best quality product.

· How does alcohol analyzer works?

This device has a sensor which is activated as soon as you blow your breath in breathalyzer. Alcohol analyzer measures the quantity of BAC within seconds and displays the readings on the screen.

· Do you need alcohol analyzer?

If you are the one who loves to attend the late night parties or you are habitual of drinking a lot and you have to drive late at night then you must need to get this device. Alcohol breathalyzer is not only a life savior tool which prevents from severe road accidents but it also informs about the BAC when you think you are able enough to drive by yourself.

· How accurate are the results of alcohol analyzer?

To get the accurate results, you need to buy a professional breathalyzer which is considered more precise in providing the exact readings of BAC. Actually, the accuracy is depending on the type of sensor which is being used in the device.

· Is the Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer is different from Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer?

Yes a professional breathalyzer is a bit costly and needs proper maintenance and recalibration over time. However, its results are considered more accurate and that is the reason that it is also preferred by law enforcing agencies.

Does alcohol analyzer need to be calibrated?

Yes. It might be possible that with the passage of time the alcohol breathalyzer is unable to provide the accurate readings of BAC. The reason could be that small residues or dust particles can disturb the working of the sensor which eventually results in inaccurate readings. Mostly, re-calibration is required after 6-8 months of usage of the device. However, newly bought devices are pre-calibrated by the manufacturer.

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